The house with a spire

Komsomolsk-on-Amur unofficial symbol is the house with a spire built in 1955 at the crossroads of Lenin Street and Oktyabrsiy Ave. There is an inscription on the front of building. It is very typical for the period when the building was built: «Labour in the USSR is a matter of honour, valour and heroism».

Komsomolsk-on-Amur is situated on the left bank of Amur river. It is located 356 kilometres northeast of Khabarovsk. In the west it’s possible to see mountain peaks of the Myaochan and the Badjalskiy mountain ranges. The Sikhote-Alin mountain range has extended its spurs far away in the east.

A little mountain river and the tributary of the Amur — the Silinka — divides the city into 2 parts — the Central one and Dzemgi (a large industrial zone). Officially they are called Central and Lenin administrative districts. The Komsomolskoe highway — the longest urban arterial street — connects two parts of the city. Its extent is about 7 km. Within the precincts of a town there is the taiga area on 500 hectares territory left untouched.

Komsomolsk stretches for over 30 kilometers along the left bank of the Amur River. The river at this point is up to 2.5 kilometers wide.

First houses were built on the river bank close to factories and initially they were grouped into separate villages. Then a single city project was developed but it couldn’t be accomplished because of the war. Many streets, buildings and monuments are built in concordance with the projects of architects from Leningrad and Moscow. This is why sometimes Komsomolsk-on-Amur is called a «piece of Leningrad».


In winter it is cold in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The climate is continental, dry cold air masses move away from the massifs. It snows in the end of October and the snow-cover holds till April. In summer eastern monsoon humid winds prevail.

Temperatures in the area of the city can range up to 50 °C over the course of the year, with a daily average of −28,90 °C in January, compared to +25,70 °C in July.

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Drama theatre

11, Pervostroiteley Avenue
Tel.: 53-50-29

Theatre KnAM

15, Pervostroiteley Avenue
(entry by the yard)
Tel.: 53-70-88

Cinema theatres

Fakel Cinema theatre

35, Mira Avenue
Tel.: 54-49-98

Ucity Cinema

19, Lenina Avenue
Tel.: 54-43-94

Krasny Cinema theatre

22, Truda alley


Exhibition hall of Artists Allience

21, Pervostroiteley Avenue
Tel.: 53-93-88

Gallery of modern art “Metamorphosa”

24/2 Dzerzhinskogo Street
Tel.: 27-23-40


Local history museum

8, Mira Avenue
Tel.: 59-26-40

Museum of visual arts

16, Mira Museum
Tel.: 54-12-62

Exhibition hall of Artists Allience

21, Pervostroiteley Avenue
Tel.: 53-93-88