Event catering

We offer coffee breaks, business lunches, buffet and banquets for the participants of business meetings.

Discounts and loyalty programs

Our conference-hall has area of 29,2m² and can hold up to 25 people in it. Participants are seated around an oval table. In case of necessity, additional equipment can be organized:

  • a multimedia projector + remote control,
  • a flip chart board + markers,
  • ascreen.

A minimum time for a conference-hall rent — 1 hour. Extra equipment and expendable materials can be obtained for an additional cost.

For your conveniences we offer to organize a coffee-break, buffet or business-lunch.

coffee-break can be organized in a conference-hall or in our restaurant «Escher». A tasty coffee or tea, sandwiches, biscuits and fresh fruits will be served to your guests. The care of our staff will include a professionally organized serving so that a coffee-break unnoticeably fits into your conference. We promise a tasty and healthy treat!

A buffet is best for a presentation. A buffet treat consists of cold snacks, salads and fruits. Our specialists will help you to compose a perfect menu for even the most exacting guest of yours!

business-lunch is the best for a whole day event. It will be organized according to you needs. An option of a set-lunch can be ordered for your guests and colleagues.

A reservation can be made by phone/fax: +7 (4217) 53-03-32, +7 (4217) 53-51-31 (reception), +7 (4217) 53-94-03 (bar, administration of a restaurant) or on our web-page: use book a service application.

We will pay a special attention to the children of your guests — so that your conference is at its best!

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The “Econom” category is 1,800 rubles per day

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