You can order a special meal out of a wide range of special dishes that meet the defined religious and dietary requirements. For the present moment we can offer meals of the following categories:

Strict vegetarian (vegan) food. No products of animal origin.
Vegetarian meal (eggs and milk are allowed).
Sparing menu. It is intended for those who suffer from diseases of the stomach and/or the digestive tract. It includes fresh fruits and boiled vegetables. Baked and fried food, onion, garlic and spices are not allowed.
Diabetic meal. Fried food, products with high fructose, sugar, fatty food are removed from the menu.
Fruit plate. Fresh or canned fruits. Sometimes it’s allowed to eat some pastry.
Food with low fat and cholesterol. Fried food, egg yolk, pluck, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, caviar are forbidden. The menu includes lean meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, vegetable oil and nonfat dairy products.

We offer drinks and meal that reflects our clients’ culture and preferences.

You may order: local number — 53-95-31; 111 — hotel number.

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The “Econom” category is 1,800 rubles per day

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