To any taste

We’ve collected the best cocktails in the world for you in our bar.

Opening hours: 12:00 p.m. — 00.00 a.m.

On the 1st floor of our hotel there is Lenta bar with 2 lounges equipped with the exhaust system of ventilation for those who smoke.

You can relax and order your favorite drinks sitting at the comfortable table or right at the bar.

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We’ve chosen a rich range of drinks according to the travel theme:

  • the most popular Amsterdam cocktails;
  • a wide range of refreshing and cool drinks from all over the world;
  • a great number of German and Japanese beer.

The taste of fresh desserts will accompany sophisticated types of tea and coffee.

Mobile booking

8 (914) 158-51-31

Reduced tariffs!

The “Econom” category is 1,800 rubles per day

“Flying saucer” service

Depending on your choice we will deliver your order in your room within 30 minutes.

A extra menu offers a range of simple dishes.

If you want to order “Flying saucer”, then you should ask a concierge to dial 111, 122 (Bar phone number) or call a manager in the restaurant — 53-94-03 (local number).

Please, pay attention to the following statement

Guests can’t enter the restaurant or café when they wear sport clothes, slippers, shorts, undershirt, dressing gown or indoor clothing. Please, follow this rule in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Theese rules of work are made to meet the Rules of hotel servicing in Russian Federation approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 490 d.d. 25.04.1997