Lease terms

A banquet room can be leased for a period till 00:00 a.m. (local time).

The menu combines the standard banquet dishes and also dishes you want to order. The meeting at the banquet room is settled according to the prices of the banquet menu.

All you need is to call our manager at the restaurant — 53-94-03 or dial a bar number 122 and reserve a banquet room.

The banquet room seats up from 2 up to 20 guests according to the seating capacity. There is a lounge zone and a cloakroom.

The dining room is equipped with a multimedia TV screen so it’s possible to connect different types of electronic medias and to make a presentation or slide-show or to show a film or photographs.

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It’s an ideal place for family or corporate celebrations, romantic dates or business meetings.

There is a specially prepared banquet staff that serves our clients.

Mobile booking

8 (914) 158-51-31

Reduced tariffs!

The “Econom” category is 1,800 rubles per day

Decoration of the banquet room.

The photo panel is a central object of decoration. It shows shocking London art objects and the façade of the restaurant named “Sketch” which is located near Piccadilly Street. It’s famous for its avant-garde interior where world famous designers make their experiments.

The panel is framed with ceramic tiles. Its patterns refer to the London Museum of Victoria and Albert — the largest museum of decorative arts and design. There are mirrors in front of photos so that the decorative lamps in the form of balls reflect. We can see such balls of bigger size hanging over the roadway just around the corner of Piccadilly Street.