Tariffs for accommodation of Hotel Voskhod since January 1, 2015.

Hotel Voskhod tariffs for additional services.

Order and we will cook everything you want.

At the hotel we are glad to offer you the “Lenta” bar and “Escher” restaurant services. A various menu and comfortable atmosphere are waiting for you from 7 a.m. till midnight.

Banquet and buffet menus, business lunch menu and group services are provided for any kind of events.

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Special offers for guests:

7 А.М. ‒ 10 А.М.
12 Р.М. ‒ 3 Р.М.
Business lunch (A part), complex (Table d’hôte), lunch (A la carte).
5 Р.М. ‒ 12 А.М
Dinner “A la carte” in Escher restaurant, set Table d’hôte

Group service

Delegations and tourist groups can pre-order everyday service according to the HB and FB tariffs of any type:

  • Buffet;
  • A part, Table d’hôte (complex);
  • Menu "A la carte“.

“Table d’hôte” complex lunch costs 600 rubles.

“Table d’hôte” complex dinner costs 600 rubles.

“Flying saucer” service

We will deliver fresh and tasty food in your room within 30 minutes! An extra menu offers a range of simple dishes.

You can order a “Flying saucer” by 122 (Bar phone number) or by 53-94-03 (local number of a manager at the restaurant).

If you order the breakfast in your room, please, note that it is not included into the residence cost.

Dear guests!

Service by coupons (breakfast, lunch, dinner) is valid only at the restaurant.

We also offer the opportunity to pack a simple cooked meal and snacks in the lunch-box.

In other cases, please, use the Room service by the menu in your rooms.

Mobile booking

8 (914) 158-51-31

Reduced tariffs!

The “Econom” category is 1,800 rubles per day

Room service

We offer the room service delivery.

All you should do is to dial a Bar telephone number — 122 or a local number 53-94-03 and order whatever you what in the restaurant.

Within 30 minutes (depending on the choice of dishes) you will get your order into your room.

Please, pay attention to the following statement

Guests must comply with the established procedure for hotel accommodation and fire safety regulations. In the case of non-compliance with these rules a guest will be immediately evicted.

Guests can’t enter the restaurant or café when they wear sport clothes, slippers, shorts, undershirt, dressing gown or indoor clothing. Please, follow this rule in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Theese rules of work are made to meet the Rules of hotel servicing in Russian Federation approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 490 d.d. 25.04.1997