1. Reception and accommodation of guests is possible 24/7, on the basis of a written application or a free placement (room availability must be negotiated) upon presentation of identification documents.
  2. Accommodation fees are charged daily, according to approved tariffs. In case of late check-in or early check-out the cost of already paid-up services cannot be refunded.

    Check-in/out time is 12 pm. The first day of a stay is charged as for a full 24 hour stay independently of check-in/out time. No additional charge is applied for a stay before check-in time 12 pm (0–12 pm). In case of a prolonged stay (after 12 pm) following charges are applied:

    • 1 up to 6 h — an hourly pay is charged;
    • 6 up to 12 h — a 50 percent of the full accommodation rate is charged;
    • 12 up to 24 h — the full accommodation rate is charged.

    In case of delayed arrival or no-show, the hotel reserves the right to charge the cost of accommodation for one day. In case of no-show for more than 24 hours the reservation is annulated.

  3. A full accommodation rate is charged for a double room in case when a guest wants to stay in a room of this category alone.
  4. An accommodation fee is not charged when a child of age less than 7 years stays together with a parent in one room and no additional bed-place is required. An accommodation fee according to tariff is charged for arranging an additional bed-place in a room. A 40 per cent charge of the cost of a room is charged for an additional bed-place, if the stay of a guest is till check-out time.
  5. The guests of our hotel are strongly asked to have a guest card on one’s person, it serves as a pass in the hotel and guests are expected to be ready to present it at a request of the staff of the hotel.
  6. For a safety reasons unauthorized persons are allowed in the hotel up to 11 pm previously making a temporary registration — identification documents must be presented. In case when a visitor of the guest of our hotel cannot present any identification document, our gest is entitled to sign the guarantee taking the responsibility for visitor and its actions. Without identification documents or a guarantee signed by the guest of our hotel unauthorized person is not allowed to enter the hotel.
  7. An accommodation fee of a full rate will be charged for an unauthorized person not leaving hotel at 11 pm. Or an additional bed-place for unauthorized person can be arranged in a guest’s room for a 40 per cent charge of the cost of a room, if the stay of the unauthorized person is till check-out time.
  8. The guests of a hotel should not: break the silence, allow unauthorized persons in their room or give a key of the room to them, store bulky or flammable items in the room, use personal electrical appliances, smoke and drink alcoholic beverages. Prior to arrival a stay with a domestic animal must be negotiated with the administrator of our hotel.
  9. When vacating the room, guest should: turn off the faucets, close windows, turn off the lights, TV, electrical appliances, and leave a key to receptionist on the 1st floor. A guest will be charged for any damage made to the property or equipment of our hotel in a full amount.
  10. The administration of the hotel does not bear the responsibility for the values not left in the safe box for storage. We recommend leasing the safe box in a bank to keep big amounts of money and valuables safe.
  11. Only the guests of our hotel are served in the restaurant.
  12. The book of complaints and suggestions is located at the receptionist counter.
  13. The guests of our hotel must adhere to the established accommodation order and fire safety regulations. In case of non-compliance with these rules the hotel keeps the right to immediately evict the guest jeopardizing the good order of the hotel.
  14. A restaurant cannot be entered wearing sport clothes, slippers, shorts, undershirt, dressing gown or indoor clothing. In order to avoid misunderstandings, the guests are kindly asked to observe this requirement.

These rules are made to meet the Rules of hotel service requirements in Russian Federation approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 490 d.d. 25.04.1997

Mobile booking

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Reduced tariffs!

The “Econom” category is 1,800 rubles per day